Our History

Thomas A.Edison

Samuel F.B Morse


The jieyingnet.company was founded in 1878 making it one of the original insulators of electrical wire and cable in the United States。

Earliest customers included Samuel F。B。 Morse for his telegraph network and Thomas A。 Edison for the Pearl Street Generating Station, the nation’s first, built in New York City in 1882 using Okonite cable。


The original Passaic Plant



Industrial Railroad Signal Cable

秒速飞艇投注Okonite officers in a strategy meeting 1905

秒速飞艇投注Passaic R&D lab 1910


The Paterson Plant as it looked in the 1920's

Okonite Basketball team 1930's


One of the many ads from this era



An Army-Navy award is presented at our Wilkes-Barre plant in 1943

Announcing the opening of our North Brunswick Plant for 1957

Passaic headquarters in 1946

Installing the Puget Sound cable and the Life cover


Okonite received the Century Award from PSE&G in 1978

Groundbreaking Santa Maria Plant in 1967


Funding for Okonite’s start of the ESOT, presented to Victor Viggiano, Okonite’s President by Congressman Robert A。 Roe on June 30, 1976

Okoguard EPR Insulation was first introduced in 1967

Okonite supplied all the shipboard cables for the largest peacetime construction of naval vessels



Okonite received the prestigious quality award in 1985

Groundbreaking at Orangeburg facility in 1991

The Statue of Liberty is powered by Okonite Submarine Cable

Okonite reached a milestone in 1997 when we were Certified ISO Compliant

The Orangeburg facility 1993



Years of Expansion

Richmond, KY

Paterson, NJ

Santa Maria, CA

Orangeburg, SC

Cumberland, RI


Kansas City, KAPittsburgh, PAHouston, TX

Portland, OR New Orleans, LA


One World Trade Center

Powered by Okonite Armored Cable-2012

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